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How to Petition to Regionals?

All information concerning petitioning to the Regional Meet is found in the rules & policies page 46, 49-59.  Below is a link to that section along with the petition form.

Petition Guidelines and Form


2015 JO National Meet Information
 The web sites for the 2015 JO Events are up and running.  As of today, you will find basic information for each event.  As the hosts gather their information, we will continue to add content.  Please be sure to bookmark and share this information so you can find information as needed.
Level 10 JO Nationals – http://www.jonationals.com
Level 9 Eastern Championships – http://www.usagymeastern.com

2014 JO Nationals Overview

 “Where PRIDE meets PASSION”

WOW!  What an incredible JO Nationals competition for Region 5.
We had our first win in a few years with great performances turned in by all.

Region 5 is proud to announce that we won 4 age divisions and were 2nd in 3 other age divisions.  We scored 56 points out of a possible 64 points.  Definitely something to be proud of for everyone.

Many national titles and top 3 finishes – very impressive.

Click here for a printable version of the below results.

Jr A – 1st Place Team

  • Delanie Harkness – 1st AA, 1st UB, 1st FX, 3rd BB
  • Kai Rivers – 2nd AA, 3rd FX (tie)
  • Chloe Bellmore – 3rd FX (tie)
  • Claire Gagliardi – 2nd UB

Jr B – 2nd Place Team

  • Wesley Stephenson – 1st UB
  • Marissa Oakley – 3rd BB
  • Anna Dayton – 3rd UB

Jr C – 1st Place Team

  • Sarah Smith – 2nd AA, 1st BB, 1st FX, 2nd V
  • Alecia Farina – 3rd UB

Jr D – 1st Place Team

  • Rachel Dickson – 1st UB (tie), 3rd AA
  • Lexi Funk – 1st UB (tie)
  • Christina Berg – 3rd UB
  • Madison Preston – 1st V
  • Shea Mahoney – 3rd BB, 3rd FX

Sr A – 1st Place Team

  • Olivia Karas – 1st AA, 1st V, 1st UB
  • Kasey Janowicz – 2nd FX (tie)
  • Ally Hoyer – 2nd FX (tie)

Sr B – 4th Place Team

  • Sarah Lippowitsch – 3rd BB (tie)

Sr C – 2nd Place Team

  • Grace Williams – 1st AA, 1st UB, 2nd FX, 3rd BB
  • Paige Zaziski – 1st V (tie)

Sr D – 2nd Place Team (Tie)

  • Kamerin Moore – 1st UB, 3rd FX

Where “PRIDE meets PASSION” – hold your heads high.

But there is no stopping us now. We are dedicated to help each club reach higher goals. Therefore, we have added national staff to our Hi Tech and Hot Shot regional training camps.

Information and locations are listed on the Region 5 website under “Training Camps”. In addition, we have our NCAA College Showcase with our Hi Tech camp in September.

Thank you to everyone for your support of Region 5. Keep the foundation strong and keep the tradition going. Hope to see ALL of you at a training camp this year!


New Training Camp Website has been launched.

2014 Region 5 Summer Camp Registrations have begun.

You can register today for ALL training camps.
You can also complete your Coach Volunteer Form or
Judge Volunteer Forms.

Visit http://trainingcamps.region5.com
for the most recent information and
to complete your registrations.

When registering, please sign up for Training Camp Updates.

This will ensure that you receive any updates made on the Camp Website.  These would include host hotel information, schedules, staff lists and other helpful information as you plan your trip.


Coaches, please review the document below.
It contains some important information concerning
All Star Team & Region 5 Camps.
Additional information is also available in the
Region 5 November Committee Notes.

Region 5 March 2014 Updates


The registration process for Level 9 Eastern Nationals is changing!

We will be usingMeet Maker to register our gymnasts.
The file below is for all coaches who have Level 9 gymnasts qualified to regionals.
These coaches/clubs should set up their club profile on Meet Maker before the Level 9 regional meet.  Once this is done they will only need to check which gymnasts qualify to Eastern Nationals and enter a  payment code (region specific).
Note: Any gymnast not participating in a training camp will need to
reimburse Region 5 before they are given the payment code.

2014 Level 9 Eastern National Registration


State Chairman Nominations are now open!
Please confirm with nominee their interest in running for this position before submitting Nomination Form.  Nominee should read the “Duties and Responsibilities” section  in the Rules and policies before agreeing to run.
Nomination Form deadline is February 28, 2014 and
is submitted to Dave Stiles, Region 5 RACC,
at d.b.stiles@comcast.net.
Voting will take place on the USA Gymnastics website from April 1 – 15, 2014.

Forms are listed below:
State Chair Nomination Letter 2014
Region 5 Nomination Form

 Thank you.

Region 5 RACC
105 Woodland Lane
Carmel, IN 46032
317-504-8281 ©


2014 Region 5 Training Camp Dates Announced

Below is a list of the dates for the 2014 Region 5 Training Camps.

If you are interested in hosting a camp,
please contact Sandy Sabo at

* Super Camp:  August 1 – 3, 2014

* Hi-Tech / Showcase:  September 5 – 7, 2014
Hosted by Cincinnati Gymnastics Academy

* Hot Shot Camp: October 3 – 5, 2014

* Forward Progress Camp: November 7 – 9, 2014


Optional Composition Reminders

Click the link below to see some reminders to consider
as meet season gets underway.

Reminders from Region V RJD


USA Gymnastics