2016 Region 5 All Star Team! 

We are very excited to announce the Junior Olympic 2016 Region 5 All Star team.

Congratulations to the athletes, coaches and parents for this prestigious achievement.  Making the top 12 JO spots is quite an accomplishment especially in our highly talented region.  All of you should be extremely proud.

On behalf of the Region 5 Committee we want to congratulate all of you for an outstanding national championships competition.  You have been amazing representing Region 5 and we thank you for your dedication and commitment.

This year we are planning an international experience to Costa Rica.  We are currently looking at the end of October and will have more details soon.

In Rank Order

Name Gym Age Group Regional National Total
1-Payton Richards IL – Aerials Jr. E 38.725 38.350 77.075
2-Andrea Li IL – Legacy Elite Jr. C 38.675 38.375 77.050
3-Anastasia Webb IL – IGI Sr. B 38.375 38.550 76.925
4-Matilyn Waligora MI – Olympia Jr. C 38.400 38.175 76.575
5-Sierra Brooks IL – Aspire Jr. C 37.875 38.375 76.250
6-Kai Rivers MI – Twistars Jr. D 38.350 37.800 76.150
7-Sarah Smith IN – JPAC Sr. D 37.925 38.100 76.025
8-Emma Pritchard OH – Gym X-treme Jr. B 37.725 38.000 75.725
9-Bridget Killian IL – Legacy Elite Sr. A 37.825 37.825 75.650
10-Leah Clapper MI – Gym America Jr. D 37.575 37.950 75.525
11-Anne Maxim MI – Olympia Sr. C 37.800 37.700 75.500
12-MicKayla Stuckey OH – Cincinnati Jr. C 37.500 37.925 75.425


Alternates in Rank Order – These athletes may be used if one or more of the above athletes cannot attend the international experience.

13-Delanie Harkness MI – Twistars Jr. B 37.825 37.525 75.350
14-Samantha Medel IL – Legacy Elite Jr. C 37.500 37.625 75.150
15-Gracen Standley OH – Cincinnati Sr. D 36.975 38.125 75.100

**NOTE – Gabryel Wilson (MAG) ineligible – did not attend a regional training camp.


Region 5 …. Let’s Train to Reign! 

Let’s squeeze out every tenth of detail we can.

  • Stick landings!
  • Hit handstands!
  • Work for details!
  • Get inspired!
  • Dream BIG – Go BIG!

Show your Region 5 PRIDE.

National Qualifiers handbook will be available at Regionals.
(All forms and other information is available by clicking here.)

Note:  1st Alternates will be included in regional housing if room is paid at regional championships.  Alternates have been scheduled for a workout Friday afternoon at Texas Dreams gym near airport.  Gymnasts who qualify to compete for a different region will attend training with that region.  However, they are included in our regional housing.

Train to REIGN!


Level 8 Regional Championships Schedule

2016 Level 8 Regional Championships Schedule

Age Groups
2016 Level 8 Championships Age Group Determination Dates


Level 9/10 Regional Championships Schedule

2016 Level 9/10 Regional Championship Schedule
Level 9/10 Regional Championship Rotation Schedule

Age Groups
Level 10 Age Group Chart
East Level 9 SR Age Group Chart
East Level 9 JR Age Group Chart


Regional Championships Registration Reminders

1)      Level 9/10 and Level 7 will have both an online and paper registration upon completion of the meet.
2)      The paper registration along with payment are due the last day of your state meet.
3)      The online registration is thru USA Gymnastics.  You must have a USA Gymnastics Username and Password and MUST BE A DESIGNATED CLUB ADMINISTRATOR.
4) Make sure to double check your USA Gymnastics club list for accuracy:  Spelling, Date-of-Birth and Level.
5)      Step by step procedures for Online Registration:

  • Log onto www.usagym.org
  • Click on Member Services (top right)
  • Click on Club Administration (left navigation)
  • Click on Membership Verification
  • Click on Search for Competitions
  • Choose the Regional Competition and State
  • Place a checkmark next qualified gymnasts.  Include petitioned gymnasts for Level 9 and 10 only. No petitions for Level 7
  • Check attending coaches
  • Click submit
  • Both you and the meet director will receive an email with your entry confirmation

You may contact the meet directors if you have any further questions:
Level 9 and 10: Sari Engle: sari@gymnasticsx-calibur.com
Level 7: Jennifer Giudici: jpulichoga@gmail.com


2015 Level 8 Regional Championship Results

Below is a full copy of the 2015 Level 8 Regional Championship Results,

2015 Region 5 Level 8 Championship Results


Level 9 & 10 National Championship Websites Available

Use the links below to link directly to the National Websites:

Level 10 JO National Championships
Level 9 Eastern National Championships


Level 9 & 10 Regional & National Championship Age Group Charts Released

2016 Level 10 age group chart

2016 East Level 9 SR age group chart
2016 East Level 9 JR age group chart


2015 Hall of Fame Inductees to be Honored

Congratulations to the Region 5 Hall of Fame Inductees for 2015 are:  Judy Dobransky,  Liz Tricase and Sam Peszek.

Thank you for your contributions to Region 5 and the sport of gymnastics. 

The inductees will be honored at the Region 5 Banquet held on Friday, August 14 at the USA Gymnastics National Congress and Trade Show in Indianapolis.


We are very excited to announce the
2015 Junior Olympic Region 5 All Star Team. . . . . . .

(Click Here for Printable Version of  2015 All Star Team!)

USA Gymnastics