Women’s Program Leaders Meet with USA Gymnastics

Women’s Program Leaders Meet with USA Gymnastics

The following members of the Region 5 Administrative Committee attended an informational meeting with the USA Gymnastics in Indianapolis yesterday:
Dave Stiles, Char Christensen, Kittia Carpenter, Nancy Gibson, Norbert Bendixen, Amy Roplogle, Brian Blewitt and Nina Dent.

The Women’s Program attendee’s generated the following statement:

“USA Gymnastics holds the highest standard of care for athletes and members. We have the desire to rebuild and to move forward. We have the opportunity right now, in the history of USA Gymnastics, in our sport, and in our country, to lead, saying, we are going to get it right.  By doing that, we will honor our athletes who have been impacted and we will honor all USA Gymnastics members and participants, including, but not limited to, athletes, coaches, parents, judges, and volunteers. We will not be the organization that shuts the doors, changes the name, and puts a new face on the same institution. At the end of the day, we have an opportunity to improve USA Gymnastics.  We have an obligation to meet the challenge that has been set before us and to become a better organization.  It is about sharing positive gymnastics stories and getting it right. We will get it right.”

Eighty-Eight Women’s Program USA Gymnastics National, Regional, and State leaders stood today to wholeheartedly support USA Gymnastics.

Message to the community from Kerry Perry