Thank you Kristin

Thank you Kristin

Message from Bobbi Montanari, Regional Chair…

July 5, 2013

Dear Region 5 Professional Membership,

On behalf of the Region 5 Administrative Committee and Membership, I would like to thank Kristin Moore for her amazing work with Region 5.

Kristin was the Region 5 Apparel Coordinator and we definitely were the best dressed in the country!! – gymnasts, coaches, parents, etc. – anyone that wanted to represent Region 5.

Kristin went “above and beyond” creating, organizing, and directing all of our apparel. Kristin was the administrator for our gymnasts (and parents) who represented Region 5 at National Championships.  She was also very instrumental in the success of Regional Congress; especially the outstanding banquets.

The key to any successful business and/or organization is communication.  Kristin created the Region 5 website which was not only a great tool for information but designed very professionally.  Within the next week, Kristin will be handing over the responsibility of Region 5 Webmaster to Debra Warhol.

Debra works with Sandy Sabo, Region 5 Training Camp Coordinator, at Youngstown Gymnastics Center in Youngstown, Ohio.  She is the assistant office manager and preschool instructor.  Debra is familiar with the Region 5 website as she developed the on-line registration for Training Camps.

Thank you again to Kristin for all of her hard work and dedication to Region 5.  She will be greatly missed.

Best wishes to everyone and as always, GO REGION 5!!!

Bobbi Montanari
Regional Committee Chair