Region 5 Hi-Tech Coaches Seminar

Region 5 Hi-Tech Coaches Seminar
Kalamazoo, MI
Hosted by Branch Gymnastics
May 31 – June 3, 2018

The seminar will include:

  • 3 days of technical sessions on the 4 women’s events and trampoline.
  • Classroom lectures each day covering Sports Psychology, Sports Medicine, Planning and Organization
  • Round table discussion with staff
  • The cost for the seminar is $100.00 plus room and board
  • An informal buffet dinner on Saturday night is included in your registration fee

You can register online at under Sanction # 66916: Region 5 Hi-Tech Coaches Seminar.
There is an enrollment limit of 60 coaches (Levels 8, 9, and 10) along with one gymnast (Level 9 and/or 10 per club).
Specific information will be posted at a later date.