Region 5 Camp Registrations

Region 5 Camp Registrations

Are there any more Hot Shot camp entries out there??  A few spots are open in the MI site.  There is plenty of spots open in the OH site.  We will take entries for 2 more days…through Thursday 9/19.  Remember if you have TOPs National Testing Qualifiers we will group them so that we make sure they get to work on their testing skills and routines.  If you are interested in starting a tops program we can help you with this also.  If you just have some “hot shots” enter them so Region 5 can work on our future.  Please read camp criteria carefully.


Forward Progress Camp:

Registration is open for Forward Progress camp until October 6th.  This will be your last opportunity to participate in a Region 5 Camp.  Remember gyms must participate in a region 5 camp for a level 9 or 10 to have their registration for Nationals paid for.  Coaches must volunteer at a training camp to receive their National apparel.  See   to register athletes or volunteer coach.

Any questions please email me or give me a call.


Thank you for supporting Region 5 Camps

Sandy Sabo, R5 Camp Coordinator