New Xcel Code of Points Now Available!

New Xcel Code of Points Now Available!

The new Xcel Code of Points is ready for purchase! The following link will take you to the purchase site on the USA Gymnastics web site.

The Xcel Code of Points is the official book for the National Xcel Program. The book comes shrink wrapped, 3-hole punched, and pre-tabbed for $40.00.

The Xcel Code of Points is a complete guide for coaches and judges. In addition to all of the rules and regulations the Xcel Code of Points includes examples of routines, allowable vs unallowable combinations and scenarios, and illustrations of all the allowable skills.

The newly formed National Xcel committee was not able to start writing the Xcel code of Points until last June and the committee knew it wouldn’t be ready until the beginning of 2014. Because of that fact, the basic rules and regulations, event charts and deductions are posted online at the National web site. After this competitive year is over the only information that will be placed online will be an errata sheet for next year, if needed, and monthly FAQ’s,

Who will benefit by purchasing the new Xcel Code of Points?

  • Any club currently running an Xcel Program
  • Any club interested in starting an Xcel Program
  • Any professional member judging the Xcel levels.

If you have any questions please feel free to give me a call or send an email.

Thank you,
Nancy Gibson
R5 Xcel Chair