Level 10 Nationals – Gymnast Rooms

Region 5, in accordance with Safe Sport policy, will not be rooming the gymnasts together this year at Level 10 Nationals:

  • All athletes will be the responsibility of their parent.
  • Region 5 will leave the travel details up to you and your coaches.
  • Each gym will individually make their travel plans (Region 5 will still do the room bookings).
  • All athletes will still be required to attend all Region 5 activities throughout the weekend.
  • We will have some team activities planned and itinerary will be out by¬†April 20th.
    • Example: Athlete meeting/registration/nighttime goal setting etc.

We will be working with Safe Sport to solidify rules and expectations for traveling with such a large group over the next year.
This is so important to many of us to return to the Region 5 way of running our Dream Teams travel arrangements.