Individual Event Specialists Qualifications to State and Regionals Clarification

By Char Christensen, RTCC

Individual State Committees set the qualifying  score for IES in their state.

Illinois             8.750
Indiana           8.500
Kentucky        8.500
Michigan         Level 8   – 7.750 and Level 9/10 – 8.000
Ohio                Level 7/8 – 8.000 and Level 9/10 – 8.500

To qualify out of the State Meet as an IES to Regionals requires a 9.000.

NEW:  To petition an injured gymnast to Regionals as an IES, a score of 9.250 must have been obtained from one sanctioned meet at the level the gymnast is petitioning.  Then, follow the normal petition process of sending the score, petition form, and Dr. excuse and release.  Petition is due on the Wednesday following the State Meet.