New … JO Changes

The following are two significant changes for the coming years.

1)      Effective 2015: Top 7 athletes in each age group from regionals will qualify to Level 9 East/West Championships.

2)      Effective 2016: The JO NIT will be eliminated and there will be 12 age divisions at JO Nationals with 3 days of competition.

Click Here for official minutes and other additions and changes.

Be prepared for the Olympic boom!

Be prepared for the Olympic boom!

A message from USA Gymnastics…

As we head into the 2012 Olympic Games in London, USA Gymnastics is providing Member Clubs with various marketing tools to assist in your grassroots marketing effort. USA Gymnastics goal is that all clubs will utilize these resources to help market their program and grow our sport. Working together and building our base will help everyone succeed. So how do club owners and coaches prepare for the 2012 Olympic Boom? Below are a few simple ways USA Gymnastics can help your club:

1. BANNERS – AVAILABLE NOW! Four 3×6 foot banners are available now for just $250, including shipping! These banners use the 2008 ‘Life Needs Balance’ and ‘Life Needs Strength’ and the 2010 ‘Life Needs Agility’ and ‘Life Needs Confidence’ imagery and include enough white space for clubs to add their own contact information, logos and social media links. Click here to place your order today!

2. FREE PRINT ADS – DELIVERED TO YOUR INBOX MID-DECEMBER! USA Gymnastics has free print ads available online which you are welcome to customize and use in your club marketing efforts. All you need to do is add your contact information to personalize your message. If you would like hard copies of the print ads, click here to place your order, for a small fee.

3. FREE COMMERCIALS FOR YOUR WEBSITE – DELIVERED TO YOUR INBOX MID-DECEMBER. As a USA Gymnastics Member Club, you will have access to two 30-second commercials produced by our national advertising agency. These spots teach parents everything their child can learn from Gymnastics – specifically confidence and agility. These commercials are easy to embed on your website or post on your social media outlets. Commercials will be delivered to you via email mid-December.

4. COMMERCIALS FOR NATIONAL TELEVISION – AVAILABLE JANUARY 10, 2012. Want to support our sport even more? Air high-definition commercials on national television during the Olympic Year. Member Clubs also have the option of purchasing one version of the commercial for $100 or both versions for $150 to air on local stations or as an advertisement in a local movie theater or other venue. The ad will allow clubs to easily add its own logo and information at its conclusion.

2013-2020 Women’s New Compulsory Program

2013-2020 Women’s New Compulsory Program

What: NEW JO Women’s Compulsory routines and music for Levels 1-5. (Level 6 will be an optional level starting in 2013.)

When: National Workshops to teach the routines will be conducted:

  • 1st weekend: May 30 – June 2, 2013….Disneyworld, Florida
  • 2nd weekend: June 6- June 9, 2013….Reno, Nevada
  • Regional Workshops….TBA

Use: Competition using the new routines will begin August 1, 2013.

Materials: Materials will be available for purchase ??????????