How to Petition to 2017 Region 5 Regional Championships?

Gymnasts may be petitioned to Level 8, 9 or 10 Regional Championships because of illness, injury or a family tragedy, e.g., death, natural disaster.

A gymnast may compete in her State Meet in 1, 2 or 3 events but not all four and still petition. Touching out is NOT considered competing on the event.

Please send all petitions to:
Hilary Carlson, Petition Chair
Fax: 224-653-8673
Address: 328 Briarwood Lane, Bloomingdale, IL 60108

Detailed guidelines are provided by using this link: 2017 How To Petition To Regional Championships.

Use of Spring Boards at Competitions (Rules Clarification)

Please see below an explanation of the rule regarding the number of springs allowed/required in the spring board (per Tom Koll, NJOCC; Cheryl Hamilton, NTCC and Claudia Krestschmer, NXCC):

Page 55 (Xcel chapter) and Page 91 (JO chapter):

“All Meet Directors must arrange to have boards that accommodate gymnasts of varying weight.  Any boards brought in to a competition must be assigned to an event and must be available to all gymnasts in that session for warm-up and competition.  The following 3-4 spring configurations for the springboard have been approved and may be utilized in USA Gymnastics sanctioned competitions:”

Here are the two issues which have arisen:

  1. Interpretation that the board must ONLY be used with 3 or 4 springs and some judges have informed the coaches they must take out additional springs to ONLY have 3 or 4 springs and that using more than 3 or 4 springs is a deduction.  Please refer people to the following sentence: ”…springboard have been approved and may be utilized in USA Gymnastics sanctioned competitions.”  It does not say MUST be utilized in that manner.
  2. Coaches do not want to take the back springs out of the board to accommodate the illustrations in the Rules and Policies.  Only the 3 illustrations for a 3-4 spring board are allowed for the use of 3 or 4 springs in a springboard.  The coach is not allowed to come up with a different configuration that suits his/her needs.  This would result in a deduction of 0.30 that will be taken for using incorrect apparatus specifications (P. 7 of the Code of Points).

Level 7 Regional Championship Information Released

Below are two documents to help with your registration for Level 7 Regional Championships.

Qualification: To qualify for Level 7 Regional Championships, athletes must score an all-around of 35.00 or higher. There is no petitioning for Level 7 athletes into Regional Championships. Ohio and Kentucky are allowing IES to qualify into regional’s with a 9.0 or higher.

Registration Procedure: MUST be done online through USA Gymnastics- You may do this ahead of time. Once your athletes have competed and qualified, you will turn in a hand written entry along with your check to the secretary at your state meet. If you haven’t registered online at that time, you will have until the Wednesday after your state meet to do so. To register please see information on the Packet Information below.

2016 Level 7 Regional Championships Info Packet 

2016 Level 7 Entry Form for Regionals

Level 8 Regional Championships: State Team Member Clarifications

Clarification for Level 8 Regional Championships State Team Members (scratches and replacements):

1)      Meet Director notified of a state team member scratch prior to Wednesday12 am EST (before first day of competition) will replace the state team member with the next highest AA gymnast and will move the gymnast into the state team squad.

2)      Replacements made after Wednesday (before first day of competition) will count toward state team score but will not change assigned squad.

3)      No replacements will be made once the competition begins.