Letter to Region 5 from Kittia Carpenter

Region 5 USA Gymnastics Professional Members,

I have been reading with great interest recent emails and postings relating to the Region 5 J.O Chair position and since I am the one everyone is referring to I thought it would be fitting if I introduced myself. My name is Kittia Carpenter and I have been coaching and judging in Region 5 for 30 years.  Please email Bobbi Montanari if you wish to receive a copy of my resume that I submitted for RJOCC.

I was honored to have been nominated to run for the J.O. Chair position back in February and I accepted the nomination. I fully expected to stand for election, but I ran unopposed. I plan to build on the tradition of excellence that has been established in our region. Our success and camaraderie is something to be very proud of and is one that is not to be matched in any other region.  The Region 5 tradition will be carried on! It is what separates us from the others.

Upon acceptance of my position, I was instructed to start organizing a plan and people to help keep the Region going.  I would like to introduce and welcome Sandy Sabo of Youngstown Gymnastics Center as the newly appointed regional training camp coordinator.  Sandy has already started work building on the foundation that has been set by her predecessors.

My term as Regional JO Chair does not start until July 1, but the important planning within the region will not wait until summer so I have already started work on several projects that will continue to move the Region forward. I would like to share two of these projects with you now.

Training Camps: One exciting new possible opportunity I would like to announce for this Fall is a double Showcase Camp for our Level 10 gymnasts. Thanks to University of Michigan coaches for recommending this for our region.
•    Hi Tech Showcase camp (running 8-2 Fri & Sat and a session on Sunday)
•    Hi Performance Showcase camp (running 2-8 Fri & Sat and a session on Sunday)
Their recommendation will make the best use of their superb facility and will provide additional opportunities for the college coaches to see more of our region’s high level gymnasts.

More information and details soon. Other regional camps are also being organized.  If your club would be interested in hosting a camp, please contact us.

Regional All Star Trip:
I am looking at two very special opportunities for the 2013 Regional All Star trip.
•    The first will have the team head for Europe for training and to take in the World Championships in Antwerp, Belgium (Sept 25- Oct 7, 2013). What an inspiration that would be!

•    The second would have the team travel to the Bahamas for a competition hosted by a Region 5 gym combined with a clinic put on by our gymnasts and awesome coaches for the benefit of the gymnasts and coaches in the Bahamas.

I am in the very early stages of planning for the Regional All Star trip and I welcome your thoughts and feedback on what trip to take and ways to make the trip even more worthwhile for our gymnasts and coaches.

You can probably sense how excited I am to get to work for the Region. I look forward to working with all of you to insure that every gym in the region has a fair and equal opportunity to go as far as their hard work and talent will take them and to provide the knowledge and confidence in each club that their gymnasts can achieve their dreams.

I want to wish all of you the best of luck next weekend at Regionals.  Prepare hard for consistency and compete confidently so our region will once again shine at nationals!

Best wishes for your gymnasts and your club. Go Region 5!

Kittia Carpenter

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