2013 Allstar Team Announced (Junior Olympic Members)

It gives us great pleasure to announce the 2013 Region 5 All Star Team (Junior Olympic Team Members). The deadline for submitting scores has passed and it is time to notify our clubs and athletes.

The JO Members of the 2013 All Star Team are

1- Bailey Gardner- Twistars USA- Michigan 38.569
2- Linsey Lemke- R Athletics- Michigan 38.388
3- Paige Zaziski- Hunts- Michigan 38.319
4- Alyssa Shermetaro- Olympia- Michigan 38.256
5- Brehanna Showers- R Athletics- Michigan 38.238
6- Rachel Cutler- Twistars USA- Michigan 37.938
7- Karen Howell- Olympia- Michigan 37.869
8- Shea Murphy- Legacy Elite- Illinois 37.819

The alternates (which are used if the 4 remaining elite spots are not filled OR if one of the above can not fulfill the obligation for any reason).

1- Sydney Waltz- Gold Medal- Ohio 37.813
2- Isabell Hutchins- Splitz- Michigan 37.8
3- Sydney McGlone- Universal- Ohio-37.731
4- Nicole Gendusa- IGI- Illinois 37.719
5- Megan Schweihofer- Hunts- Michigan- 37.563
6- Christina Berg- Legacy Elite- Illinois- 37.55
7- Emma McClean- Stars/Stripes- Michigan- 37.544
8- Shannon Goniwiecha- Oakland- Michigan- 37.531
9- Lexi Funk- IGI- Illinois- 37.519
10- Eileen Malecki- IGI- Illinois- 37.5
11- Lauren Bancroft- Twistars USA- Michigan 37.481
12- Annie Juarez- DeVeaus- Indiana- 37.438
13-Welsey Stevenson- Legacy Elite- Illinois 37.331
14- Megan Hultgren- GAR- Illinois 37.331
15- Corrine Rechenmacher- Legacy Elite-37.3
16- Kelsey Hood- Olympia- Michigan- 37.131

Our All Star team has traditionally been provided with an international experience which usually takes the form of a Good Will Ambassadorship, where our coaches and athletes assist developing nations with their gymnastics. The details for this year’s experience are still in the works and should be released shortly (the new J.O. chair is responsible for this project and working word to arrange a phenomenal experience).

Congratulations to our athletes, clubs, coaches and parents for this prestigious achievement. I know I speak for the entire RAC (Regional Administrative Committee) when I say how very proud we are of all of you.

Region 5 JOPCC

2013 Training Camps Update

Message from Sandy Sabo, 2013-14 Region 5 Training Camps Director…

The host sites and information for Region 5 Camps are posted on the Region 5 web site. Please read carefully for there are several changes to the camp criteria. These changes were proposed and passed by the Region 5 Committee back in July of 2012 for implementing in the 2013 camp season to better specify the criteria for entering a camp and to increase the level and quality of our Region 5 Camps.

Now is the time to choose and plan your camps. Registration, Camp Coach Volunteer, and Judge Volunteer forms will be posted soon. Please check the Region 5 web site often for updates.

You will notice some very exciting changes also. We will be offering a TOPs group at Hot Shot Camp which will provide training for National TOPs Qualifiers as well as information for those who are interested in starting a TOPs program. This will be a great opportunity for any coaches wanting to learn more about the TOPs Program and methods of training it.

The other most exciting thing is the addition of an NCAA Showcase in conjunction with HI Tech Camp. After HI Tech Camp is full, there is now an opportunity to enter your athlete in the Showcase so that she may be seen by the college coaches that attend HI Tech. You can read more details about this on the Region 5 web site.

If you have any questions, there is a way to ask me or Kittia Carpenter questions from the Region 5 web site.

Kristin Moore – Stepping Down

Kristin Moore – Stepping Down

To:  Region 5
Date:  April 10, 2013
From:  Kristin Moore, Region 5 Apparel Coordinator

The time has come for me to step down as Region 5 Apparel Coordinator.  For the past 6 years I have truly loved volunteering my time for all the amazing athletes and coaches of Region 5.  The incredible feeling of pride for Region 5 is something I will carry with me for a lifetime.

It’s hard to describe the joy that comes from witnessing our athletes qualify to Nationals and then watching as they are showered with apparel, luggage and more. It’s a fantastic feeling knowing that these deserving athletes are so well cared for in our wonderful region.

It was not my original intention to give up my responsibilities this year.  However, the recent change of committee members, who I was assisting on the Region 5 Board, caused me to re-assess my volunteer role.  I quickly determined that without John leading the way as J.O. Chair, and Dave managing training camps, the exit door was opened.  I have always supported John, Dave’s and the Region’s missions 100%.

What began as a simple project to assist with a group hotel reservation for 120 rooms, 6 years ago, has somehow evolved into a year-round project.  As one event is wrapping up, planning for the next event begins.  I would like to thank everyone in Region 5 for putting their faith and trust in me to carry out all of the duties that I have accumulated throughout these past 6 years.   I would also like to thank Region 5 for recognizing the months of preparations and the hundreds of hours that go into preparing for the Apparel process alone.  For this I have received a monetary token gift of appreciation each year.  Being a single mom of 4 children, this is greatly appreciated!

I have been privileged to be involved in these areas:

  • Assistant for Regional Apparel design, shopping, ordering, and processing of athletes at Regionals
  • Appointed as Region 5 Apparel Coordinator
  • Developing the “Region 5 Store.”
  • Region 5 Dream Team communications and hotel reservation arrangements and developing the “Region5DreamTeam” website to help with this process.
  • Attending Nationals as Apparel Coordinator
  • Working the Auction at Region 5 Congress
  • Region 5 Banquet Invitations, Decorations, Event Programming and Video Production
  • Creating Congress and Banquet Posters for Award Winners
  • Designing and Ordering Committee Apparel for Congress
  • Maintaining the Region 5 Store for Congress
  • Processing and mailing special orders for Apparel
  • Allstar Team Trip Flight Arrangements and Athlete/ Coach Coordination and Communication.
  • Allstar Trip chaperon on two trips
  • T-shirt design for Allstar Team Trips
  • Training Camps assistant to Dave Rawles for camp administration, and developing the “Region5Camps” website to assist Dave.
  • T-shirt design for Region 5 Camps

I will continue to act as webmaster for the main www.Region5.com website as this is a position I accepted on a paid basis for a standard “webmaster” monthly fee a couple years ago.  This responsibility is completely separate from my volunteer activities.  In fact, I am already in the process of implementing a new design for that website to reflect the new “Blue” color for Region 5 and bring an updated look and functionality to the site.

It has been an absolute honor to be involved with all of these projects, and I LOVED every minute of them.  I will miss working with the people who have made Region 5 so amazing, including Bobbi Montanari, Dave Rawles and Char Christensen along with the rest of the Region 5 committee members.  I wish the next team the best of luck as they carry on the traditions we have come to know and love in Region 5!

Officially, my duties will come to an end following the J.O. National Championships in May (after all special orders for apparel have been packed and delivered.)

Thank you again for your trust and support for the past several years!

To Your Success!
Kristin Moore



Judges can take the exams for the new ratings at Region 5 Congress in Columbus, Ohio.

The Compulsory Levels will be given on Thursday, September 12 from 7:30-9:00pm and Optional Levels will be given on Sunday, September 15 from 1:00-5:00.

Many judging and coaching sessions are planned for both the new compulsory routines and for the new optional rules. Come to join us for education and testing!