Please go to the Region 5 Training Camp Web Page and go to the Training Camps Judging Volunteer Form at the top of the home page or use this link (Judge Volunteer Form) to complete.

It is important to complete this form for ALL camps by the August 1, 2015 deadline to be assigned in leadership role. NO one will be assigned after this deadline. Only sign up for the Training Camp days and camps you want to be assigned to in a leadership role. ALL judges are assigned to the dates and camps selected with a confirmation of assignments coming out 2 weeks prior to the Training Camp.
A leadership position includes leading a judging session or being a technical  assistant on an event with helpful comments to the gymnasts from a judging point of view. We welcome judges to bring their ipad and use Coaches Eye to assist with seeing angles, deductions and meeting the skill criteria. ALL judges are assigned if you apply by the designated deadline. It is acceptable to do one day or more. On Sunday, we will not have any judging sessions for this 2015 year. Judges are encouraged to sign up for Friday and Saturday’s only as Sunday’s are only a partial day with other activities being planned.
NEW for 2015–  On June 25, 2015, the Region 5 Administrative Committee voted that a judge must be in a leadership role for a minimum of one day at a Region 5 Training Camp to receive a Regional judging assignment.
Thank you for considering being a Region 5 Training Camp leader !
Char Christensen, Region 5 RTCC,