Call for Nominations for WPC Chair, NAC Chair, and IEC Chair

Happy New Year & Welcome to the Olympic Year!

2016 is the election year for WPC Chair, NAC Chair, and IEC Chair.  Attached is the the Call for Nominations for the three positions.

Nominations are to be sent by March 15, 2016 to:
Annie Heffernon
Women’s Junior Olympic Program Director
132 E. Washington Street
Suite 700
Indianapolis, IN 46204    
Fax: 317-237-5069

* All National Officers shall be elected by the members of their respective committee.
* Elections of National officers will be conducted by written ballot.
* Ballots and resumes of prospective candidates will be sent to the respective committee members by July 1.

Click Here for 2016 Call For Nominations (NACC, IECC, WPCC)

Note: This information has also been posted at on the Women’s Program page under Women’s Program Updates and will be included in the upcoming USA Gymnastics electronic newsletters.