Region 5 Training Camp Registration Opens June 1st for All Camps!

Registration for gymnasts for all Region 5 Training  Camps will open on June 1st.

Attached is a printable copy of all camps with dates and locations.  For the most up-to-date information throughout the summer please visit the Training Camp Website.  Remember to subscribe to that website in order to receive updates.

Looking forward to an incredible summer of training.


2017 TRAINING CAMPS (Printable Registration Information)


Region 5 finished third in the Super Team Award behind Region 1 (first) and Region 3 (second). It was a very high level competition with many talented gymnasts from across the United States. Many Region 5 National Champions and great performances ! Thank you to the many Region 5 judges that volunteered on this weekend for a very successful Championships!
JUNIOR B-  Ella Cesario- Legacy Elite- 1st- Bar National Champion
JUNIOR C-Haley Tyson- Phenom- 4th AA; Alyssa Al- Ashari- Twistars USA-1st-Bar National Champion and 6th AA
JUNIOR D-  Emma Prichard – Gym X-Treme – 6th AA; Delaney Harkness- Twistars USA_ 2nd Bars
JUNIOR E-  Aria Brusch- Cincinnati Gymnastics- 5th AA, 5th Bars and Beam; Jer Quavia- Gym Corner- 1st- Vault National Champion, 7th AA
JUNIOR F- Marilyn Waligora- Olympia Gymnastics- 2nd Bars; 1st National Champion on Floor and AA; Gabryel Wilson- Olympia Gymnastics- 1st National Champion on Vault, 2nd on Bars, Floor and AA; Helen Hu-IK- 1st National Champion on Bars, 5th AA;Chloe Bellmore- Twistars USA- 8th AA and Vault
SENIOR A-  Kai Rivers- 1st National Champion – Vault,  Bars and AA; Payton Richards-Aerial Gymnastics- 1st National Champion – Beam, 2nd Bars and AA
SENIOR B- Makarri Doggette-Buckeye Gymnastics- 1st National Champion -Vault, Floor, AA
SENIOR C- Sarah Hargrove- Cincinnati Gymnastics- 3rd Beam and AA
SENIOR D- Jenna Swartzentruber-Buckeye Gymnastics- 4th Vault and 8th AA
SENIOR E-  Anastasia Webb- Illiniois Gymnastic Institute- 1st National Champion Vault, 7th AA; Anne Maxim- Olympia Gymnastics- 3rd Bars
SENIOR F- Nia Dennis- Legacy Elite- 1st- National Champion AA, 2nd Beam and 4th Floor

JO National Championships Highlights

Congratulations to all our Region 5 Athletes that competed at JO National Championships.  For a full listing of the results, click HERE or go to!

Region 5 Highlights include:
JO National Super Regional Team Standings
Region 1 = 80
Region 3 = 68
Region 5 = 67
Region 8 = 61
Region 7 = 59
Region 4 = 48
Region 6 = 25
Region 2 = 24

First Place
Age Groups:

Kai Rivers – Twistars USA
Makarri Doggette – Buckeye Gymnastics
JerPuavia Henderson – Gym Corner
Anatasia Webb – Illinois Gymnastics Institute
Gabryel Wilson – Olympia Gymnastics Academy

Kai Rivers – Twistars USA
Ella Cesario – Legacy Elite Gymnastics
Alyssa Al-Ashari – Twistars USA
Colby Miller – Perfection Gymnastics

Payton Richards – Aerial Gym Club
Helen Hu – IK Gymnastics

Makarri Doggette – Buckeye Gymnastics
Matilyn Waligoria – Olympia Gymnastics Academy

Kai Rivers – Twistars USA
Makarri Doggette – Buckeye Gymnastics
Matilyn Waligora – Olympia Gymnastics Academy
Nia Dennis – Legacy Elite Gymnastics