Big THANK YOU to our Region 5 Level 8 and Level 9/10 Regional Championships Hosts!

The Region 5 Committee, coaches, judges and parents want to thank Dawn and Gary Toussaint for their great job of hosting Level 9 and 10 Regional Championships. The meet was well run with great organization, electronic scoring, and wonderful food for coaches and judges. Every session ran on time and we were done before 10:00 with two days of 4 sessions each ! Thank you, Dawn and Gary !

Special thank you to our Level 8 Regional Championships host Camille Cole and Elite Sports Academy. With the help of USA Productions and Linda Barclay, the meet was ran on time for every session or was early! The decorations and electronic scoring was a huge success. It was great to see the State Teams get into the Region 5 spirit with announcing the team scores at each session. It is amazing to see the coaches and gymnasts cheering with great enthusiasm for each other to build on our Region 5 spirit.

Hats off to Region 5 for all of our success at our Region 5 Level 8, 9 and 10  Regional Championships !

Char Christensen, RTCC , Region 5