Greetings to all of our Region 5 Judges! Hope the summer is going well and we will see many of you at National Congress in Indianapolis in August!

ALL judges will need to complete the Professional Involvement Form (PIF) by September 1, 2015.

After the Region 5 Administrative Committee Meeting on June 25, 2015, we have approved a new tool to assist with the judges selection process. This application applies only to the LEVEL 10 , National and Brevet judges. You are now required to complete the New Application to be considered to Judge Region 5 Level 8, 9 and 10 Regionals.

Both application forms listed above can be found under the “Judges” tab at the top of the Region 5 web site. Additionally, these will be available on your State’s websites very soon.

Also, it is now required that a judge must have done a minimum of one day as a judging volunteer in a leadership position at any of our Region 5 Training Camps to be eligible to judge Level 8, 9 and 10 Regionals. Many of you have been doing this for many years and your volunteer work is appreciated and valued by our Region. The deadline is August 1, 2015 for all of our camps to be assigned as a technical assistant on an event with or without an ipad or to be assigned to lead judging rotations.  You can use this link (Judge Volunteer Form for Region 5 Camps) to indicate your availability for the camps.

We look forward to your continued involvement  and leadership in Region 5 !!

Char Christensen, Region 5 RTCC