AED-Cardiac Rescue Systems

AED-Cardiac Rescue Systems

Pricing and information

Message from Bobbi Montanari and Cardiac Rescue Systems:

“…please let everyone know about the fantastic pricing we’re offering [on AED’s.] The gyms in Illinois and Indiana should also be made aware that AED’s have been mandated in their States for a while. It was amazing at the national and region 5 conference how many people we talked with from Illinois and Indiana that didn’t know they are required.

I have attached the price sheet and spec sheet for the Heartsine AED…  Thanks again for doing your part in raising awareness about these life saving devices.”

Comment from Cap Caudill, KY-USAG State Chair:

“An AED UNIT saved MY life several years ago. I was really luck to be in a gym with a unit!! Take a look at these items you may save someones LIFE. These unit have been designed to go into Gymnastic schools. Cap Caudill KY State Chair.”


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