We are very excited to announce the Junior Olympic 2018 Region 5 All Star team.
Congratulations to the athletes, coaches and parents for this prestigious achievement.  Making the top 12 JO spots is quite an accomplishment especially in our highly talented region.
On behalf of the Region 5 Committee we want to congratulate all of you for an outstanding national championships competition.  You have shown strength, power and grace with confidence and represented Region 5 FEARLESSLY!
This year we are planning an international experience to Jamaica.  We are currently looking at the week of October 14th. We will have more details soon.  


In Rank Order:

Name Gym Age Group Regional National Total
Andrea Li Legacy Elite Gymnastics SRB 38.875 38.850 77.725
Faith Torrez Legacy Elite Gymnastics JRC 38.675 38.525 77.200
Sierra Brooks Aspire Gymnastics Academy SRB 38.650 38.425 77.075
Gabryel Wilson Olympia Gym Academy SRC 37.875 38.900 76.775
Matilyn Waligora Olympia Gym Academy SRC 38.275 38.500 76.775
Makarri Doggette Buckeye Gymnastics SRD 37.825 38.925 76.750
Helen Hu IK Gymnastics SRC 37.650 38.875 76.525
Payton Richards Aerial Gymnastics IL SRD 38.150 38.325 76.475
Tory Vetter Universal Gymnasts JRD 38.325 38.025 76.350
Makenzie Sedlacek IGI Gymnastics JRE 37.975 38.175 76.150
Ella Cesario Legacy Elite Gymnastics JRD 37.775 38.350 76.125
Aria Brusch Cincinnati Gymnastics SRB 38.025 38.100 76.125

Alternates in Rank Order – These athletes may be used if one or more of the above athletes cannot attend the international experience.  

Skyla Schulte Phenom Gymnastics JRD 38.375 37.650 76.025
Haley Tyson Phenom Gymnastics JRE 37.850 38.150 76.000
JerQuavia Henderson Gym Corner SRB 38.225 37.700 75.925