A Thank You in Rhyme for this Special Time

A Thank You in Rhyme for this Special Time
by Judy Dobransky, 2015  Region 5 Hall of Fame Inductee

 You cannot imagine my stun, my surprise
When told…”you’re inducted in our Region 5”
Go back 40 + years when I started with Steve,
Met my dear friend Mel Foster and could not believe
How fast gymnasts could learn and still land on their feet
How we danced and they tumbled, a visual treat!!!

I made up routines and I judged soup to nuts
Began teaching others and learned to adjust
To the ever changing rules and the coaches pursuits
My closet is full of Blue suits from my youth!!

There are so many names and so many thanks
I’ve traveled the World and I’ve pulled a few pranks
Snuck in to play tennis on my hours off
Was once the “late Judge” thru the podium, I got lost!!
And then Shannon mounted and to my surprise
My 9.4 was perfect…my score the right size!!!

We won in Toronto in Belgium and France
Now my gymnasts are mommies, are coaches, teach camps
I’m judging their children and loving that role
Watching babies mature…it just never gets old!!

We captured the hearts in Porte Allegro
In Curitiba, learned how amazing plants grow
In the Black Sea we saw a beach for the nude.
No! they had no suits, we tried not to be rude!!

Japan was amazing, the food was a treat
I never saw so many new things to eat!!
After loving Sofia, they thought it was nice
So I got to go to Bulgaria twice!

In Israel we floated, the Dead Sea and all
The camels, the desert, the great Wailing Wall

I’ve seen winners and losers (no sprinkles for them)
And I still have the passion for that chair I sit in!!
I’ve tested and bested and been off the wall, but
Come back every weekend, still loving it all!

To my husband, I give special thank you’s and more
He tolerates travel and my Library store!!
To my children, so special, they’ve gracefully grown
With outstanding careers and full lives of their own!!
Thanks to Lori, my gym boss, who lets me be Judge
And still coach all those kids in this sport I still love!!

This honor so special will stay in my heart
The friends and experiences are the best part
To love what you do and do what you love
Is a blessing that lets you know someone’s above.

Thank you to Judy for sharing her very special poem.
Below is a printable copy of her poem.
Thank you in Rhyme – Judy Dobransky Poem

Women’s Jr. Olympic and Xcel Program Updates – Webinar Details

Join us Wednesday, September 2, 2015 @ 1:00pm Eastern Time for our Women’s Jr. Olympic and Xcel Program Update. We will cover all the latest changes of the Women’s Program for the Jr. Olympic Program and the Xcel Program.

In order to register for the Webinar, please go to https://usagym.org/pages/membership/pages/webinars.html.

Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email with all the details.

BIG Thank You for Making Our Silent Auction a SUCCESS!

The Region 5 USA Gymnastics Silent Auction was a SUCCESS! We had everything from USA Gymnastics educational packages to gym equipment and autographed memorabilia! We couldn’t have succeeded without the generosity of many businesses who donated our wonderful items and everyone who stopped by our booth to bid! Please help us thank these businesses by supporting them, AND, when you do, please thank them for their support of Region 5!

AAIA-1 Awards
Bear AffairBuckeye Gymnastics
Carolina Gym SupplyDeary's Gymnastics Supply
Direct Works MediaDreamlight Activewear
Embroidery Design GroupG-K Elite
Go For The Gold LeotardsIndiana NAWGJ
Midwest Gym SupplyOzone
Peach State Awards & MoreRegion 5 Apparel
SA Sports USASullivan Group
The Idea PeopleTumbl Trak
USA Gymnastics University

With our sincere Thanks and Appreciation!
Kittia Carpenter and the Region 5 Committee

Banquet Change Reminders

Region 5 Banquet Guests,

There have been 2 changes to the banquet in recent weeks.  This is just a reminder of those changes:

 Change in banquet location –  the banquet is being held in the Sagamore Ballroom (2nd floor) of the Indianapolis Convention Center.

* Change of time – The Cocktail Hour will begin at 6:15 and the doors will open for the Banquet at 7:00 pm.

JO Code Updates

Just in case you have already printed out the new replacement pages for the JO Code, Page 27 was inadvertently left out in the General Info section. It actually had no changes but because there were additions to page 26, it bumped material over to page 27, so you can just print the last page.  The new section is attached under the Rules Section.

The Xcel Code errata and replacement pages should be ready soon.

Region 5 Banquet: Time Change

Banquet Guests,

We have found it necessary to change the schedule slightly to accommodate other activities scheduled for the National Congress and P & G Championships.

The Cocktail Hour will begin at 6:15 and the doors will open for the Banquet at 7:00 pm.

If you have more than one guest registered for the banquet please inform them of the change.