2015 Region 5 Camp Locations Announced

Below is a listing of all the available locations for the 2015 Region 5 Camps. 

Registration for all camps will be open on Monday, June 1, 2015.

You are encouraged to attend camps that are not located in your home state. Take this opportunity to travel with your team and get to other teams in our great region.

2015 Region 5 Camp Locations

Camp NameCamp DatesLocationRegistration Deadline
Super CampAug 7-9, 2015Champion (KY)July 10, 2015
Olympia (MI)
Naperville (IL)
Hi Tech CampSept 4-6, 2015Cincinnati Gymnastics (OH)August 5, 2015
ShowcaseSept 4 or 5, 2015Cincinnati Gymnastics (OH)August 5, 2015
Hot Shot CampOct 9-11, 2015Buckeye Gymnastics (OH)September 11, 2015
Mid-Michigan (MI)
Forward Progress CampNov 6-8, 2015Gym Nation (OH)October 23, 2015
Euro Stars (MI)

Congratulation to Our 2015 Region 5 All Star Team

We are very excited to announce the  2015 Junior Olympic Region 5 All Star Team. . . . . . .

(Click Here for Printable Version of  2015 All Star Team!)

Congratulations to the athletes, coaches and parents for this prestigious achievement. Making the top 12 JO spots is quite an accomplishment especially in our highly talented region. All of you should be extremely proud.

On behalf of the Region 5 Committee we want to congratulate all of you for an outstanding national championships competition. You have been amazing representing Region 5 and we thank you for your dedication and commitment.

This year we are planning an international experience to attend World Championships in Glasgow, Scotland. Travel dates are approximately October 25th – November 1st, 2015.

In Rank Order

Name Gym Age Group Regional National Total
1-Shea Mahoney IL – Legacy Sr. B 38.800 37.950 76.750
2-Makarri Doggette OH – Buckeye Jr. B 38.125 38.425 76.550
3-Alyssa Al-Ashari MI – Twistars Jr. A 37.975 38.300 76.275
4-Kai Rivers MI – Twistars Jr. B 37.700 38.575 76.275
5-Matilyn Waligora MI – Olympia Jr. B 38.100 38.075 76.175
6-Jenna Swartzenentruber OH – Buckeye Jr. C 37.975 38.150 76.125
7-Sonte Turnage IL-Legacy Jr. A 38.050 37.900 75.950
8-Andrea Li IL-Legacy Jr. A 38.025 37.875 75.900
9-Rachel Dickson MI – MEGA Sr. B 38.150 37.725 75.875
10-Eliana Lazzari IL – GymNasti Jr. A 37.725 37.850 75.575
11-Mallory Mizuki MI – Olympia Jr. B 37.950 37.600 75.550
12-Sarah Hargrove OH – Cincinnati Jr. C 37.900 37.575 75.475

Alternates in Rank Order – These athletes may be used if one or more of the above athletes cannot attend the international experience.

13-Gabryel Wilson MI – MAG Jr. B 37.725 37.700 75.425
14-Karen Howell MI – Olympia Sr. B 37.325 38.025 75.350
15-Sierra Brooks IL – Aspire Jr. A 37.800 37.500 75.300


(Click Here for Printable Version of 2015 Region 5 All Star Team!)

Big THANK YOU to our Region 5 Level 8 and Level 9/10 Regional Championships Hosts!

The Region 5 Committee, coaches, judges and parents want to thank Dawn and Gary Toussaint for their great job of hosting Level 9 and 10 Regional Championships. The meet was well run with great organization, electronic scoring, and wonderful food for coaches and judges. Every session ran on time and we were done before 10:00 with two days of 4 sessions each ! Thank you, Dawn and Gary !

Special thank you to our Level 8 Regional Championships host Camille Cole and Elite Sports Academy. With the help of USA Productions and Linda Barclay, the meet was ran on time for every session or was early! The decorations and electronic scoring was a huge success. It was great to see the State Teams get into the Region 5 spirit with announcing the team scores at each session. It is amazing to see the coaches and gymnasts cheering with great enthusiasm for each other to build on our Region 5 spirit.

Hats off to Region 5 for all of our success at our Region 5 Level 8, 9 and 10  Regional Championships !

Char Christensen, RTCC , Region 5