2015 Region 5 Camps

* * Welcome to a New Season!!! 2015

Kudos to an amazing 2015 at so many levels. Congratulations to all the participating coaches, athletes and judges for a job so well done. Your programs should flourish as you follow the success of gymnastics performances all over the country and know that Region 5 is an integral part of the beauty and strength of our sport!!! It’s time to begin thinking about summer training and preparation for the upcoming season!!!!

I would like to introduce myself, Lori Koch, the owner and head coach of Olympia Gymnastics Academy in Shelby Twp. , Michigan. I have accepted the position of Co Camp Administrator for 2015 and will be working side by side with Sandy Sabo of Youngstown, Ohio. Working with the Regional board, this team will organize and staff the numerous training camps held from August to November.

With new eyes and leadership and fresh approach, Region 5 will be looking at:


* Winning Eastern and JO Nationals!
* Continuing Education at all levels at every camp
* Building camaraderie amongst our athletes, coaches and judges
* Sharing ideas on the Road to Accomplishment.
* Propelling our Region Forward


* Basics
* Execution
* Physical Preparation
* Attending MORE than ONE camp and attempting to travel to another state for a training weekend.
* Possibly adding Sports Psychology and Yoga
* Utilizing the Judging Community with Video analysis and more input on site.
* Add coach’s roundtables to the conclusion of camp.

Excellence begins as you enter the gym! Respect will build. Appreciation will be expressed!!

On a clerical note, we are asking that Registrants for camp please:
1. Register with your Level from 2015
2. Include your All Around Scores from the Highest Level Meet attended

Region 5
we are… Dream Builders

Whatever we accomplish belongs to our entire group, a TRIBUTE to our combined effort. (Walt Disney)

Visit Camp Website @ http://trainingcamps.region5.com