2014 Region 5 Congress – Sept. 12-14 – Register Now!

2014 Region 5 Congress
September 12-14

 Columbus Hilton, 401 N. High St., Columbus, Ohio

Registration ends August 29, 2014

Many of our speakers are new this year.  Don’t miss out!

Visit the link below for a current schedule. https://usagym.org/pages/education/courses/U310/pdfs/5_schedule14.pdf

All specifics are located on the Region 5 Website @

Judge PIF Reminder

A friendly reminder that September 1, 2014 is the deadline for all  Professional Involvement Forms to be completed for judges to be eligible to judge State, Regional, or National Championships.

Please go to the Region 5 website under “Judges” to complete this important task.

Thank you, Char Christensen, Region 5 RTCC

Regional Bid Forms Due: September 1, 2014

Just a quick reminder to all those who would like to bid on the upcoming Level 8 or Level 9/10 Regional Meets: the deadline for filling out all bid forms is September 1, 2014.

Below are the links to each form.  You can fill them out online then forward any attachments via mail or email to David Stiles, RACC.

Level 8 Regional Bid Form (April 24-26, 2015)

Level 9/10 Regional Bid Form (April 17-19, 2015)


Judges: ONLINE Courses for CPE Credit

Below is information regarding ONLINE courses that can qualify for CPE clinic credits for judges, as well as an explanation of the CPE Clinic approval form.

Also, I would like to remind you that whenever a Clinic (coaching and/or judging) is conducted in your state or region (excluding Regional Congresses), a Judging Accreditation CPE Clinic Approval form must be completed and sent to me. The clinic must also be sanctioned. If it is a state function, then the SACC and SJD must both approve the clinicians and sign the form. If it is a clinic offered to your region, then the RJD and either the RTCC or RACC should sign the approval form.

The National office keeps the forms on file as a record of clinics that can be used for CPE credit. When audits are done in the Fall, if anyone indicates they earned clinic credits from a state/regional clinic, then I verify by checking the CPE Approval forms to see if that clinic was approved and eligible for CPE credits. I am attaching the Clinic Approval form as well.

Connie Maloney
Technical Director of Women’s Jr. Olympic Program
P: 317.829.5628
132 E. Washington St., Suite 700
Indianapolis, IN 46204

CPE Eligible  Courses Webinars Memo 

Clinic Approval Form

The Temple Challenge


The Temple Challenge Continues (Day 5—August 8)
(See days 1 & 3 below)

I am receiving phone calls and e-mail from all over the country saying we want to participate.  I just talked to Carl Schrade in New York and he asked for some clarification on timing of this whole thing.  So, here’s is my perception of how this will play itself out.

On August 14, when I go to the Bill Cosby event in Philadelphia, I will be handing Fred Turoff a check based on the success of this fundraising effort.  At this point, we (the MIGS Program) have $12,500 committed based on t-shirt and banner sales so far.  I want to hand him a check for $25,000. But that is dependent upon you and your willingness to support this effort by buying a t-shirt and/or banner.  So, from a timing standpoint, I need you to email (MIGSP1@msn.com) your order to me by Aug 13 so I have a sense of what to expect.  Then you must follow up with a hard copy and check in the mail (sorry, our on line ordering process is not quite ready).

It will take approximately two to three weeks (depending upon demand) to get the t-shirts printed and shipped to you.  Then, it will take a couple days for you to get your picture taken, place the caption on the picture, and send a copy to each of the Administrators and Trustees on the attached list.  So, I’m speculating that we can get this all done by the middle of September.  That is to say, the Temple Administrators and Trustees should be overwhelmed with envelopes carrying a very direct message to re-instate the TUMG to full varsity status by the middle of September.

Please let me know via e-mail (MIGSP1@msn.com) when you have send the photo to the Temple Admin and Trustees. In this way, I will have some sense of the success of this effort and I can give an accurate summary to Fred Turoff and the College Gymnastics Coaches Association regarding this effort.

Now, think of it this way.  If only one team (Great Northern Gymnastics) does this, it will not have a very strong impact.  However, if every team in the country in the Men’s and Women’s Program sent a team picture and every individual sent an individual picture, that would be over a hundred thousand letters per Administrator and Trustees.  Can you imagine the physical and psychological impact that might have on someone??? Now, I might be wrong, but if I was a Temple Administrator or Trustees receiving a directed message like that, I might have to rethink my original decision.

As Carl and I discussed, if we sit back and do nothing, nothing will happen.  But, if we all get on board, perhaps we can create a miracle.  And ya know what, I am all for miracles.

Truthfully, I believe we all have something at stake in this Challenge.  I believe everyone involved in this sport will be better off if we can get Temple re-instated to varsity status.   Then we move on to the next project (preserve, protect, enhance and expand the Men’s and Women’ Collegiate Program)…for surely there will be one.

I am also quite certain of this.  If we all work together to carve our future, the gymnastics community will thrive.  If we don’t, and we continue to loose College Men’s and Women’s teams, we will all get to look into the mirror some day and point to the problem.

So, what’s the cost of a t-shirt, a few envelopes and a few stamps relative to the opportunity we have to make a difference for current and future generations of gymnasts?  I guess you have to answer that for yourself.  For the sake of the current and future generations of gymnasts in this country, I hope it is the right answer.

FYI, I have two nightmares associated with this effort.  The first is that only a handful in the gymnastics community participate…and we loose the battle.  The second is that we are overwhelmed with t-shirt orders and e-mail from a hundred thousand people and I have to fulfill and respond…and WE WIN!  Of course, I hope for the second.

2014ColGymForever (Temple Edition Order Form)

I urge you to fight for the future.

Best regards, and Onward and Upward
Bob Wuornos, Ph.D
Men’s Intercollegiate Gymnastics Support Program



The Temple Challenge Continues  (Day 3—August 6)

So far, I have received many very positive responses to this effort from all over the country.  People cheering us on and appreciating the effort.  Here’s one I received from former National Team Member Paul Tickenoff:

“Please take the time to thoughtfully read and respond to the attached documents.  If we simply continue to act jaded and hopeless, then nothing will change, but we can at least give a strong unified show to the school administrators, who apparently pull all the strings.

“Let’s not be puppets to this, but instead make a strong statement, that we want to see men’s collegiate gymnastics programs, once again, grow and thrive.  The impact can BE enormous, because it opens the door to a scholarship funded education for all who dream or aspire to advance their gymnastics via the collegiate route.

“All right-all ready, let’s just get it done…  If so, shout out a YES, to all..!!!

“Paul Tickenoff”

Paul speaks with the true spirit of this effort and of course, I agree whole heartedly.

As a point of information, I inadvertently sent out an outdated order form.  For this reason, I am attaching the updated form along with the other originals.  So with this communication, you are receiving:

1. The Temple Challenge
2. The updated t-shirt/banner order form
3. The Temple Board of Trustees contact list
4. A sample of the picture we ask you to send of you and/or your team to the Temple Board of Regents, AD & President
Please act quickly since time is of the essence.  Take the following steps:
1.  If you have not done so, read The Temple Challenge.
2.  Forward this communications to all of your gymnastics friends,
3.  Ask them to get on board with this effort,
4.  Complete the “College Gymnastics Forever” Temple Edition order form and do the following:
a.  E-mail a copy of the completed form to me immediately at MIGSP1@msn.com
b.  Mail a hard copy of the completed form to me along with a check for the appropriate amount.
5.  When you receive the t-shirt, take a picture of you and to send to the Temple Admin and Board of Trustees (See attached sample).
6.  If you are a team member, take a picture of you and your team in the t–shirts and send it to the Temple Admin and Board of Trustees.  It is important that you send both a team picture and an individual picture as well.  The purpose is to flood the Administration and Board of Trustees with a very strong message.
7.  E-mail a copy of your picture to me so we can post it on our web site (www.migsp.org).
We need support from you and everyone caring soul in the country to act on this effort NOW.  Please don’t hesitate.  The fate of the Temple University Men’s Gymnastics Team and the National Collegiate Gymnastics Program is at risk.
Thanks for your prompt attention to this matter.   Onward and Upward,   Bob Wuornos, Ph.D.Founder Men’s Intercollegiate Gymnastics Support Program 612-270-9507 MIGSP1@msn.com www.migsp.org


Day 1 of the Temple Challenge (August 4)

This is a Challenge to every gymnastics related person in the United States to respond to a pressing need to re-instate the Temple University Men’s Gymnastics Team and to generate a unified effort to preserve, protect, enhance and expand collegiate gymnastic opportunities for current and future generations of gymnasts in the country regardless of gender.   Attached are four documents for your review and consideration:   1.  The Temple Challenge 2.   A “College Gymnastics Forever” (Temple Edition) t-shirt/banner order form 3.  A list of Temple University Administrators and Board of Trustees

4.  An example of a team picture with appropriate caption on it    We are asking you to read the Temple Challenge immediately and respond to the Challenge in a very positive manner. As part of this campaign, we are asking that everyone in the gymnastics community (including men and women) participate and send a very strong and unified message to the Temple University Administration to re-instate the Temple University Men’s gymnastics Team to varsity status. This includes coaches, club owners, gymnasts, parents of gymnasts, judges, equipment or apparel manufacturers/suppliers and college alumni.  In effect, we are asking you to stand up and be counted.    TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE.  Please give this your most immediate and undivided attention.   I have presented this effort to Fred Turoff (Temple University Men’s Coach) and Mike Burns (President of the College Gymnastics Association) and have received their blessing to move ahead with this campaign.   If, after reading The Temple Challenge, you have any questions, feel free to contact me.   Thanks for your consideration of this very important matter.
Onward and Upward,
Bob Wuornos, Ph.D.
Founder Men’s Intercollegiate Gymnastics Support Program

TU Board of Trustees, GNGSupportsTUMGpdf