Will You Help Temple University Save Men’s Gymnastics?

Hello All-

You may have heard that it was recently announced that Temple University will be dropping the Men’s Gymnastics team at the end of the year.  This program has been around forever, and has produced outstanding gymnasts.  Fred Turoff has made a huge impact on the USA Gymnastics Men’s program over the years.  This announcement has come as quite a shock.  Not just for this program, but also considering the impact this could have on other programs via conferences, etc.  We all know how this can continue to unravel….

There is an e-petition that was started by a coach in my region (Alex Gorski–an alumnus) that will be sent to the Board of Trustees at Temple University to show how much support there is to keep this program.  It takes literally a few seconds to sign a name to this e-petition.

I was wondering if you might help by sending this link to the people in your region (via your states?) and encourage them to sign?  I know that the gymnastics community has rallied for other programs–this is how we saved the Women’s programs at both the University of Maryland and Towson University.

Here is the link:

Thank you so much for your help with this.  There is strength in numbers…

I hope you all have a great holiday!

Linda Johnson
Region 7 JOCC