2013 Allstar Team Announced (Junior Olympic Members)

It gives us great pleasure to announce the 2013 Region 5 All Star Team (Junior Olympic Team Members). The deadline for submitting scores has passed and it is time to notify our clubs and athletes.

The JO Members of the 2013 All Star Team are

1- Bailey Gardner- Twistars USA- Michigan 38.569
2- Linsey Lemke- R Athletics- Michigan 38.388
3- Paige Zaziski- Hunts- Michigan 38.319
4- Alyssa Shermetaro- Olympia- Michigan 38.256
5- Brehanna Showers- R Athletics- Michigan 38.238
6- Rachel Cutler- Twistars USA- Michigan 37.938
7- Karen Howell- Olympia- Michigan 37.869
8- Shea Murphy- Legacy Elite- Illinois 37.819

The alternates (which are used if the 4 remaining elite spots are not filled OR if one of the above can not fulfill the obligation for any reason).

1- Sydney Waltz- Gold Medal- Ohio 37.813
2- Isabell Hutchins- Splitz- Michigan 37.8
3- Sydney McGlone- Universal- Ohio-37.731
4- Nicole Gendusa- IGI- Illinois 37.719
5- Megan Schweihofer- Hunts- Michigan- 37.563
6- Christina Berg- Legacy Elite- Illinois- 37.55
7- Emma McClean- Stars/Stripes- Michigan- 37.544
8- Shannon Goniwiecha- Oakland- Michigan- 37.531
9- Lexi Funk- IGI- Illinois- 37.519
10- Eileen Malecki- IGI- Illinois- 37.5
11- Lauren Bancroft- Twistars USA- Michigan 37.481
12- Annie Juarez- DeVeaus- Indiana- 37.438
13-Welsey Stevenson- Legacy Elite- Illinois 37.331
14- Megan Hultgren- GAR- Illinois 37.331
15- Corrine Rechenmacher- Legacy Elite-37.3
16- Kelsey Hood- Olympia- Michigan- 37.131

Our All Star team has traditionally been provided with an international experience which usually takes the form of a Good Will Ambassadorship, where our coaches and athletes assist developing nations with their gymnastics. The details for this year’s experience are still in the works and should be released shortly (the new J.O. chair is responsible for this project and working word to arrange a phenomenal experience).

Congratulations to our athletes, clubs, coaches and parents for this prestigious achievement. I know I speak for the entire RAC (Regional Administrative Committee) when I say how very proud we are of all of you.

Region 5 JOPCC