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Judges Updates

  • 2012 Code Element Page Revisions – posted Jan 29, 2012
  • 2012 Vault Revisions – posted Jan 29, 2012
  • 2012 Bar Revisions – posted Jan 29, 2012
  • 2012 Beam Revisions – posted Jan 29, 2012
  • 2012 Floor Revisions – posted Jan 29, 2012
  • Revised Beam Symbol Chart – posted Jan 4, 2012

AED-Cardiac Rescue Systems

AED-Cardiac Rescue Systems

Pricing and information

Message from Bobbi Montanari and Cardiac Rescue Systems:

“…please let everyone know about the fantastic pricing we’re offering [on AED’s.] The gyms in Illinois and Indiana should also be made aware that AED’s have been mandated in their States for a while. It was amazing at the national and region 5 conference how many people we talked with from Illinois and Indiana that didn’t know they are required.

I have attached the price sheet and spec sheet for the Heartsine AED…  Thanks again for doing your part in raising awareness about these life saving devices.”

Comment from Cap Caudill, KY-USAG State Chair:

“An AED UNIT saved MY life several years ago. I was really luck to be in a gym with a unit!! Take a look at these items you may save someones LIFE. These unit have been designed to go into Gymnastic schools. Cap Caudill KY State Chair.”


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Safety & Risk Management Certification Course Jul 13, 2012

USA Gymnastics University

Safety & Risk Management Certification Course (course #U101)

Date:  July 13, 2012 (in conjunction with 2012 Ohio USA Gymnastics State Congress
Time:  1:00 – 6:00 pm
Location:  TOPS Gymnastics
Address:  7644 Paragon Road     Dayton, Ohio     45459

Local Contact:  Melissa LaPeer

Phone:  937-435-7626
email:  info@kidsaretops.com

Instructor:  Bobbi Montanari

Cell: 614-507-0524
UGI: 614-777-9430
Course Code:  BM07132012OH

2012 SACC Elections

2012 Women’s Program State Committee Chair Elections

 Elections will be conducted online at www.usagym.org from April 1 – April 15.

In order to ensure that your vote can be counted, each Professional Members should make sure of each of the following:

  1. That their address is current (specifically the State)

2.That they know their personal User ID

3.That they know their password

4.That their Professional membership, safety certification and background check must be fully processed and current by February 28.

5.If you have any questions regarding your voting privileges, please call the Women’s Program at 317/237-5050.


All nominees must be:

Professional Members of the Women’s Program at least 21 years old and in good standing for a minimum of two (2) consecutive years immediately prior to the nomination.

A member in good standing is defined as a person who has complied with all aspects of the program as outlined in the Rules and Policies. Special circumstances involving residency criteria for any State or Regional Chairman position can be petitioned to the Regional Administrative Committee (RAC), in consultation with the National Administrative Committee Chairman (NACC), if necessary. Prior to being placed on the ballot, all nominees must sign a document that verifies that they have read and understand the duties and responsibilities of the office for which they have been nominated and submit their resumes to the appropriate USA Gymnastics officer.

Current elected officers seeking re-election must be compliant with all their duties and responsibilities.

1.              Must have been active within that State’s program for a minimum of two (2) consecutive years.

2.              It is strongly recommended that the candidates have

a.         financial skills,

b.         organizational skills,

c.          communication skills,

d.         a working knowledge of the program,

e.         a willingness to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the position.

3.         All nominations should be submitted to your Regional Administrative Committee Chair.



The State Administrative Committee Chairman (SACC) is responsible for the overall organization of all designated qualifying events and programs within their State. The State Administrative Committee Chairman (SACC) shall work in close cooperation with the Regional Administrative Committee Chairman (RACC), Regional Junior Olympic Committee Chairman (RJOCC) and the Regional Technical Committee Chairman (RTCC) to effectuate State programs. Any problems that cannot be solved by the State Administrative Committee Chairman (SACC) should be submitted to the appropriate regional personnel.

A.    Be directly responsible to their Regional Administrative Committee Chairman (RACC).

B.     Serve as a voting member of the Regional Administrative Committee (RAC).

C.    Must submit all committee meeting agendas and subsequent minutes to their respective Regional Administrative Committee Chairman prior to distribution.

D.    Serve as the USA Gymnastics Women’s Program consultant for that State and answer any correspondence directed to that office.

E.     Send copies of correspondence to the appropriate regional personnel.

F.     Be responsible for overseeing the Junior Olympic Sectional and State Championships in their state, at least once per year.

G.    Conduct the annual state meeting of Women’s Program Professional members.

H.    Determine the site and event director for Jr. Olympic Qualifying Meets, Sectional and State Championships. This may be done by bids or solicitations.

I.      Assure that these competitions follow USA Gymnastics Rules and Policies.

J.      Attend the State Championships meets or send a state committee member as the USA Gymnastics representative.

K.    Provide State Administrative Committee (SAC) representation at all sectional meets and above.

L.     Make recommendations to the Regional Technical Committee Chairman (RTCC) and the Regional Junior Olympic Committee Chairman (RJOCC) concerning petitions into the Regional Competitions.

M.   Establish procedures to raise operating funds for the state, if necessary. The State Administrative Committee Chairman (SACC) may, with the approval of the State Administrative Committee (SAC), determine and/or collect competition and/or club fees for the purpose of raising operating funds for the state. All fees will be retained in the State account for use as determined by the State Administrative Committee (SAC).

O.    Publish minutes of all State Administrative Committee Meetings.

P.     Shall be accountable for all state funds and publish each year the financial statement reflecting activity as of July 1 – June 30.

Q.    Provide for a State Administrative Committee, the number and type of positions to be determined by each state, in order to best serve the needs of the program in the state.

R.    Inform the Regional Administrative Committee Chairman (RACC) and other appropriate Regional Administrative Committee members of any actions contrary to the Rules and Policies of USA Gymnastics. The Regional office shall inform the appropriate National Chairman of any problems. After due investigation, corrective measures shall be recommended by the National Administrative Committee Chairman (NACC).

S.     Publish a newsletter as necessary (or as directed by the Regional Administrative Committee Chairman (RACC)). This newsletter shall include new information related to the USA Gymnastics program, results of competitions, dates of events, official bulletins from committees.

T.     Send state newsletters to the membership of the state, and to the Jr. Olympic Program Director and the National Junior Olympic Committee Chairman (NJOCC), the National Administrative Committee Chairman (NACC), and the National Technical Committee Chairman (NTCC).

U.    The SACC or a designated proxy will attend National and Regional Congresses and all designated meetings, with travel and expenses funded by the state account.