2012 Region 5 Allstar Team Announcement


The 2012 Region 5 All Star Team are the following PLUS our Elite National Team Members that are ineligible to travel due to USA National Team constraints and assumed obligations.

These athletes will be honored at our Region 5 congress in September. The top 8 Junior Olympic athletes are ranked along with the top 2 Junior and top 2 senior elite athletes (provided they have met all the criterion established by the region)

If elite spots are not filled we use the rank order from the J.O. list to fill the spots. The alternate list will be used to fill in vacated spots OR as an invitation list should we decide to offer additional travel positions (at their own cost) for the proposed international experience (Panama).

These coaches and athletes are to be commended for their long standing contributions to our sport and their accomplishments in the competitive arena this past season. Congratulations

Junior Olympic

1-Grace Williams-Twistars USA- 38.775
2-Kamerin Moore-Twistars USA- 38.488
3-Amanda Wellick-Legacy Elite- 38.369
4-Bailey Gardner- Twistars USA-38.138
5-Alyssa Shermataro-Olympia-38.094
6-Mary Jane Horth- Gym World-38.075
7-Anna Hill- Twistars USA- 38.038
8-Nicole Artz-Champion USA-37.938


1- Nia Dennis- Buckeye

* Nia is the lone elite that met all criterion, therefore leaving 3 open spots for numbers 9-11 on the J.O. ranking list.

Additional Junior Olympic

9-Melissa Zurawski- BIG- 37.813
10-Payton Richards- Phenom-37.744
11-Rachel Haines- Twistars USA-37.713=


Melissa Zurawski 37.813    BIG
Payton Richards     37.744    Phenom
Rachel Haines     37.713    Twistars
Tenille Funches     37.706    United
Jessica Peszek     37.700    DeVeaus
Sydney McGlone     37.594    UGI
Marissa Oakley     37.581    Phenom
Jessica Ling     37.563    Oakland
Amanda Kowalski     37.563    Perfection
Eileen Malecki     37.425    IGI
Emma Mclean     37.138    Stars and Stripes
Rachel Cutler     36.931    Twistars

Once again congratulations and stay tuned for further information on the proposed travel trip and the Region 5 Congress Banquet.

Region 5 JOPCC

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