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1. BARS-GOLD-If a gymnast does the Level 6 dismount does she have an extra swing? No, for this year ONLY as we want to be fair to how the judges have applied this for this year to the athletes and want the communication to be clear for next year. For 2012 season, we will allow the first counter swing to be allowed and the second counter swing will be considered as part of the dismount without a deduction. For 2012-2013, the gymnast will be allowed one counter swing but the second one into the dismount would count as an extra swing. The only skills that a gymnast can do after a counter swing is a straddle back, uprise, or another tap swing into another kip, long hang pullover or a dismount. This is the correct application for optional skills.

2. BEAM- SILVER- Gymnast does the Level 3 dismount. Take -0.20 for no special requirement but don’t take -0.30 as the gymnast did a dismount but at the wrong level.

3. BEAM- SILVER- A gymnast does a side handstand and falls to the ground before putting her feet back on the beam. Does she get the SR for her acro element? No, the gymnast needs to get her foot on the beam to get credit for the value part as in all optionals.

4. BEAM- SILVER- The gymnast does a cross handstand and a cross handstand swing down for a second acro skill. Can she count this for two acro skills? Yes, as the exit from the skill is different and we can count it for a second value part.

5. BEAM- PLATINUM- Do we use the criteria that lifting the leg higher than 45 degrees for the acro series level to count for an acro series? Yes, we do apply this as it is an optional rule. This applies to skills like cartwheels, round-offs etc.

6. BEAM- BRONZE AND SILVER- Do we use compulsory deductions for a ¾ handstand? Judge this as an optional skill with leg, arm and body position deductions but don’t take angle as this an acceptable angle for compulsory skills.

7. BEAM BRONZE, SILVER AND GOLD- Does the hold have to be in the code? No, the hold only has to be on one foot or two hands for two seconds. It fulfills the special requirement but does not get any value part credit as it is not in the code. This is clearly stated on the bottom of the beam chart.

8. FLOOR- BRONZE- Can straddle jumps or any B skill that meets a B criteria count for B value part and the special requirement? No, as B skills get no value part credit except for the side leap which counts as an A skill.

9. FLOOR-BRONZE- Can a round-off rebound into a back roll count as a series without the rebound breaking the series? Yes, as the rebound can be counted as part of the round-off.

10.FLOOR SILVER- The gymnast does a front handspring step out to a front handspring to two feet for her first acro series. She
does a front handspring step out to a round-off for a second series. Does the third handspring count for a second series?
No, these skills are the same as different leg positions on floor. Does not make the skills different( Code of Points page 217 C-1)

11.FLOOR-GOLD- Can the same B if given value part credit be used for an additional B for bonus? Yes, as they are different skills if they have a different entrance or exit. Also, if a gymnast does 5 A’s instead of 6 and does two B’s instead of one, the B replacing the A can be used for a special requirement as well as a B bonus skill.

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